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‘Webtrees’ on a Home Server: Installing the Webtrees Software

⬅️ Previous post: Getting online with LAMP and No-IP Installing Webtrees • Installing ‘intl’ and preparing the data folder • Creating the MariaDB database • Tweaking the default PHP configuration • Troubleshooting SELinux errors • What’s next for the server? Now … Continue reading

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‘Webtrees’ on a Home Server: My machine and Operating System

⬅ Previous Post: 2020 Summer Project #1: ‘Webtrees’ on a Home Server My server computer • The Gentoo Linux operating system • Installing Gentoo • Hardening Gentoo with SELinux • Hardening other Linux distros • Next on the agenda Of course … Continue reading

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2020 Summer Project #1: ‘Webtrees’ on a Home Server

One project I’ve had on the back burner for the last decade or so is re-launching a family history website on a home server. Continue reading

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52 Ancestors, No. 31: Charles J. Butera, Tribute to A Fallen Soldier

Though Charles J. Butera breathed his last over 74 years ago, we remember him today, along with thousands of others who went off to war and would never return. Continue reading

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The Majesty of Side-Lit Gravestones

“The biggest improvement in my photos since I learned to take the lens cap off.” ~ ajmexico The next big thing, not only in my own genealogy, but also for the genealogical research services that I will begin to offer … Continue reading

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Another Splendid Event: The 9th Annual Bucks County Ancestry Fair

Attending the 9th Annual Bucks County Ancestry Fair last week was a joy. No surprise there, as last year’s fair was similarly enjoyable. This year’s fair, however, drew a larger crowd at a larger venue: Bucks County Community College, in … Continue reading

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Vindicating an Ancestor: My Recent Visit to the National Archives of Philadelphia

The newspapers at FultonHistory.com have a way of busting my bubble. Just when I get to thinking about how clean all of my perfect ancestors’ hands were, along comes a FultonHistory.com article to sully them. I call it “The Bad … Continue reading

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Tutorial: How I prepare my newspaper articles for genealogy

https://youtu.be/3A15WiA8-N8 I’ve got new tutorial video up today. In this one, I basically ramble as I prepare a newspaper article for presentation in my genealogy. When researching on such sites as Chronicling America and Fulton History, I like to download … Continue reading

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Photo Restorations by Tim G. to table the Bucks County Ancestry Fair

It is with great pleasure that I announce my attendance at the upcoming 9th Annual Bucks County Ancestry Fair! This will be my second fair, albeit this time at it’s new location at the Bucks County Community College. I had … Continue reading

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Tutorials: Upgrading GRAMPS on Debian Jessie

https://youtu.be/icvNUN-BMdw I made a new video this week: How to upgrade GRAMPS on Debian Jessie. More accurately, I’m narrating the upgrading of GRAMPS on my own computer. Some aspects of this upgrade, such as the directories when I store my … Continue reading

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