FamilyTreeDNA Y-37 Results Returned, Likely Middle Eastern Ancestry Revealed

By tim, 11 August, 2022
J-M267 migration map.

HOUSTON, Texas (GBT) — Tim G.'s paternal line is likely to include Middle Eastern origins, a Y-DNA analysis has shown. FamilyTreeDNA, a genealogical DNA testing company based in Houston, Texas, returned the results of Tim G.'s Y-37 DNA analysis last Tuesday, August 2. Tim G. ordered the analysis in July. The analysis identified 37 Y-DNA markers to predict Tim G.'s Haplogroup to be J-M267, which is also known as J1.

"I called my uncle to tell him, and he was really excited!" said Tim. "He told me that the J1 haplogroup was pretty rare in Europe. He's my mother's brother, and he tested his Y-DNA and found J1 on that side as well. To have J1 on both my mother's and father's side is doubly rare."

Migration maps on the site showed Tim G.'s paternal ancestry migration to have originated with "DNA Adam" in what is now Kenya, moved north through Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and what is now Israel, and then west across northern Africa through Algeria before entering Europe through Spain. These migrations took place over the course of thousands of years.

Tim G. joined the Graham Group Project soon after receiving his results. As of this writing, two web site users have e-mailed Tim to compare family history, but his precise relationship to these users could not be determined. Our common ancestor seems to have lived before Tim G.'s self-reported earliest known ancestor, John Graham, who was born in about 1797 and died and was buried in Aughnahoy, County Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1879.

The Y-37 analysis only predicted Tim G.'s Y-DNA haplogroup to be J-M267. Further DNA analyses will be required to identify Tim G.'s haplogroup with certainty. ⬮