Se. 2, Ep. 9: Joe Boland, Notre Dame Man

Submitted by tim on Wed, 09/28/2022 - 09:07
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My media gallery reformatting project has led me to the Boland family, and in particular to one of the family tree's most famous inhabitants: Notre Dame sports radio and television personality Joe Boland. In this episode, I cover my family's ties to "Mr. B", his college life, and career as both a coach and a radio announcer. Then we'll hear a pair of 1954 broadcasts featuring the man himself.

"Big Y" Y-700 DNA Analysis Ordered From FamilyTreeDNA

Submitted by tim on Tue, 09/13/2022 - 12:00
JENKINTOWN, Pennsylvania (GBT) — Family historian and webmaster Tim G. upgraded his Y-DNA analysis from Y-37 to the "Big Y" Y-700 test on September 5th of last week. When FamilyTreeDNA extended its summer sale from August 31st to September 6th, it was decided take the savings opportunity.


Se. 2, Ep. 8: End-of-Summer Potpourri!

Submitted by tim on Sun, 08/28/2022 - 18:25
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Although the summer of 2022 has been highly productive, I did not manage to complete even three of my six challenges. I did, however, make some progress cataloging soldiers buried at the Philadelphia National Cemetery's Mexican War Monument. I did visit a local cemetery with my brother and his kids. I did get back some Y-DNA results. I did solve a long-standing family history mystery. I did do some seaside genealogy in Atlantic County, New Jersey. So even though I did not manage to complete even half of my challenges. I still call this summer of research a success. Why? Because it's my show. I do what I want. 😎 Links in the show notes.

Doris Elizabeth Taylor Doyle, 91

Submitted by tim on Mon, 08/22/2022 - 07:44
Doris Taylor Doyle, cousin of my grandmother, Joan Harrison Graham, died this past March. She was 91. Doris was one of my earliest family history contacts outside of my immediate family, grandparents, and known cousins. She once sent my grandmother a set of photocopies of old family photographs, including one of David H. Kline surrounded by all of his daughters that was taken around the turn of the 20th century. Doris and I spoke initially on the telephone, and later continued an e-mail correspondence that lasted from 2008 to 2013.


Anflick-Schapiro Marriage Records Discovered in AncestryLibrary Richmond Collections

Submitted by tim on Sun, 08/14/2022 - 07:31
JENKINTOWN, Pennsylvania (GBT) — A long-standing family history mystery was solved late last week with the discovery of two documents from AncestryLibrary's Richmond, Virginia, family records. Katie Anflick, Morris Anflick's paternal grandmother, was listed by name as Katie Shapiro in both the 1920 federal census and the 1926 Philadelphia City Directory. No explanation for Katie's unexpected surname had been apparent until now.

FamilyTreeDNA Y-37 Results Returned, Likely Middle Eastern Ancestry Revealed

Submitted by tim on Thu, 08/11/2022 - 17:23

HOUSTON, Texas (GBT) — Tim G.'s paternal line is likely to include Middle Eastern origins, a Y-DNA analysis has shown. FamilyTreeDNA, a genealogical DNA testing company based in Houston, Texas, returned the results of Tim G.'s Y-37 DNA analysis last Tuesday, August 2. Tim G. ordered the analysis in July. The analysis identified 37 Y-DNA markers to predict Tim G.'s Haplogroup to be J-M267, which is also known as J1.


Se. 2, Ep. 7: Down Memory Lane, or Find-a-Grave Escapades

Submitted by tim on Mon, 07/25/2022 - 03:43
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This month on the podcast, in the process of preparing family history media galleries for web publication, I take a stroll down memory lane, and revisit a few research loose ends for ancestor surnames beginning with the letters 'A' and 'B', specifically the Anflicks, Arrighys, Balmers, and Berrys. Then I take on a Find-a-Grave photography project. Lastly, I give updates on last months proposed summer challenges.

Find-a-Grave Digest for Week of 10 July 2022

Submitted by tim on Sat, 07/23/2022 - 10:28
Photo of the Week: Orange Crawford

This week's Find-a-Grave photography focused on fulfilling requests at Philadelphia National Cemetery, which is near my home in Jenkintown. Some users have been very busy adding photo requests to the cemetery, likely in the general interest of moving the viirtual cemetery toward being fully photographed. Other users still are claiming these photo requests and actually not leaving so many for me to claim. That's good. It means that photographing the Philadelphia National Cemetery will be a team effort.

FamilyTreeDNA Receives Tim G.'s DNA Sample

Submitted by tim on Sun, 07/17/2022 - 08:51

HOUSTON, Texas (GBT) — FamilyTreeDNA has received a DNA sample from family historian and GBT webmaster Tim G. at it's Houston facility last Friday, July 15. Tim ordered the DNA sampling kit on Saturday, July 2, at the suggestion of his uncle, Amir Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani, to determine whether he is among the J1 sub-family of Grahams. Tim received the DNA kit last Saturday, July 9th and mailed his prepared sample the following morning.


Sid Flick Discography Emerges on Discogs™

Submitted by tim on Thu, 07/07/2022 - 17:19

JENKINTOWN, Pennsylvania (GBT) — The discography of Sid Flick is emerging on Discogs, an online music collecting aid and marketplace. In early 2017, when Tim G. first used the service, musical releases documented on Flick's Discogs profile numbered five or six. Today, that number is at seventeen, and is expected to grow as website volunteers refine the site's massive database.