By tim, 28 August, 2023

The end of summer is nigh! In today's episode, I tell you about my amazing finds from this summers trips through Milton, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, and to Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. I was able to photograph some ancient Hougendobler gravestones in Milton, and some very old Mumma(h) gravestones in Lancaster. I also stumbled upon some obscure and informative travelling pastors' records at The Lancaster County Historical Society, now more commonly known as LancasterHistory. Links are in the show notes.


Non-genealogy points of interest from my Lancaster trip:

By tim, 28 August, 2023

I'm quite a bit behind on my digests! All photographs from the month of April were taken on various days at Abington Friends Cemetery in Jenkintown. I was not able to pull up many details on those whose gravestones I photographed, and those I were able to discover may have been too personal in nature to feature. In the meantime, enjoy this month's featured gravestone photograph, that of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Noble. It is the oldest in the lot. 

By tim, 31 July, 2023

This month on the podcast, I detail some of the tinkering I've done with my server. I review my plans for this summer's genealogy bike tour of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, which will occur some time around the dates August 19th through August 22. These plans include photographing some Mumma and Marley gravestones, visiting LancasterHistory in search of the original marriage records of Rev. J. J. Strine and also to locate the final resting place of my direct ancestor Peter Mumma who died some time around the year 1850, and potentially meeting my nearest living relative in Lancaster. In the final segment, I read the letter that I wrote to my closest living relative in Lancaster, whom I believe is a third cousin of my father. Links are in the show notes.


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By tim, 21 July, 2023

NORTH WILDWOOD, New Jersey (GBT) — Tim G.'s new email address,, went online this week, rendering his original domain,, obsolete. The domain transfer from Wordpress to Bluehost was finalized this morning. Tim enabled the change after subscribing to Zoho's Mail Lite professionally hosted email plan. He now receives email at both and via his Zoho account.

By tim, 30 June, 2023

This month I announce the launch of my Twitch channel. Then I announce my top three goals for this summer's upcoming bicycle tour of Lancaster, which are:

  1. to photograph the gravestone of my nearest relative bearing the Mumma surname,
  2. to inquire at as to the whereabouts of Rev. J. J. Strine's original records, and
  3. to meet and perhaps dine with my nearest living relative in Lancaster.

Lastly, I offer some details of Marley and Rieker families, among whose descendants is that nearest living relative in Lancaster whom I hope to meet. Links, as always, are in the show notes.

By tim, 30 April, 2023

Tim G. purchases a new web server! Mom-mom's true birth name has been confirmed, and over 900 descendants of colonial immigrant Peter Mumma and their spouses have been added to Tim G.'s local family history database, with many more to come! Links are in the show notes.

By tim, 30 April, 2023
JENKINTOWN, Pennsylvania (GBT) — Tim G. has purchased a new web server to host his website and podcast. Since it's inception in July of 2020, the Genealogy By Tim G. website has been self-hosted on a pair of 2005 Compaq nc6230 Business laptops. The new server, a HUNSN FMC-BM14 fanless Mini PC, will bring 64-bit functionality to the genealogy website.
By tim, 10 April, 2023
Although a heavy workload at my day job these past couple months have once again precluded extensive Find-A-Grave activity, I managed again to take several photographs at Abington Friends Cemetery in Jenkintown while out on my usual errands. Most noteworthy among the graves photographed over the past month is that of Henry Faulkner, III, who owned and operated a number of auto dealerships in the Philadelphia metropolitan area as head of the Faulkner Automotive Group.
By tim, 31 March, 2023

English Anflick gravestone photos have been posted to Find-A-Grave. In preparing my application for the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania's First Families lineage society, I've ordered birth and marriage records for my paternal grandparents. Lastly, I announce my plans to perform research on the Mumma branch of my Lancaster ancestors this summer. Links are in the show notes.