Tim G. Renews Genealogical Society Membership, Attends "Special Interest Group"

By tim, 14 January, 2023
Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania Seal

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (GBT) — Tim G. attended the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania's first Special Interest Group on Saturday, January 14th. Entitled Genealogists Helping Genealogists, the group meeting was organized by Society Treasurer Frank Straup. Interim Executive Director James M. Beidler and President Valerie-Ann Lutz were also on hand for the event.

The meeting took a roundtable format, and began with a round of introductions. Mr. Straup then delivered his "tip of the month", which was how to discover Philadelphia county marriage records through FamilySearch.org. The second half of the meeting was devoted to hearing the attendees' personal research challenges and receiving hints and strategies, both from Genealogical Society experts and fellow meeting participants.

The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania is open on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Tim G. told the meeting participants that he intends to "bum around" the society every Saturday that it's open.

Tim renewed his membership to the Society during the week leading up to the event. "If I'm going to bum around here every Saturday, I might as well renew my membership," said Tim, whose a membership in the Society last lapsed in 2017. "I think I'll just come and hang out. If I can help out others I'll be happy to, and if I need help I can ask for it." 

The Genealogical Society offers members regular access to its library, among other benefits. Annual membersion in the Society costs $45. It's Northeast Philadelphia office will be open for bumming around on Saturday, January 28th, and its next Special Interest Group will take place on Saturday, February 25th. The office is located at 2100 Byberry Road, Suite 111. Space is limited, so email info@genpa.org to reserve a spot if you are considering attending. ⬮