Website Software Upgraded to Next Major Release

By tim, 6 January, 2023
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JENKINTOWN, Pennsylvania (GBT) — The Drupal Community released version 10 of its namesake software last month. Drupal 9 had been powering Genealogy By Tim G.'s landing page since shortly after the site's launch in 2020. After about a week of troubleshooting, Tim was able to update the site's Drupal installation to it's latest version, 10.0.1. 

The secret to upgrading from version 9 to version 10 is that it requires a database update. The site threw "unexpected errors" between the time version 10 was installed and the time the database update was complete. A Drupal installation's database script is typically initiated by appending /update.php to the end of the website's URL.

The database update script also identifies any installed themes and modules that are incompatible with version 10. In the the case of Genealogy By Tim G., Drupal needed to be downgraded back to version 9 in order to uninstall an incompatible version of the Adaptive Core theme and its subtheme.

The Adaptive Core theme is hidden by default. To uninstall it, the "hidden: true" line must be either commented out of or deleted from the theme's info.yml file. Once that is done, theme becomes visible in the Appearances menu, where it may be uninstalled. This strategy also works for uninstalling other hidden, deprecated themes, such as Stable.

Although the Adaptive theme is purported to be compatible with Drupal 10, Tim G. has not yet successfully installed a compatible Adaptive subtheme. On the other hand, some modules, such Audiofield, which provides the podcast's inline HTML5 audio player, do not purport to have a version compatible with Drupal 10, but are under active development and seem to work well enough on Drupal 10 after some minor patchwork.

Compatibility across a variety of themes and modules should improve over the coming weeks.