FamilyTreeDNA Returns "Big-Y 700" Results

By tim, 24 November, 2022

JENKINTOWN, Pennsylvania — FamilyTreeDNA returned the results of Tim G.'s Y-DNA analysis last month. His confirmed haplogroup is J-BY99034. No additional migration maps seem to have been provided to accompany the more detailed analysis results, but additional matches seem to include at least one fairly close relative.

A FamilyTreeDNA user who identified a William Graham, b. 1760, as his earliest known ancestor now tops Tim G.'s list of closest DNA matches. This William Graham is said to have been born in Casheltown, County Antrim, which is just southeast of Portglenone and borders Largy Road, where known Graham relatives still own a farm and train Irish sheepdogs. Tim G's earliest known ancestor, John Graham, was born ca. 1797, died in 1879, and was buried in Aughnahoy Church and Cemetery in Portglenone.

"I still don't really know what it all means," said Tim. "There's a lot of letters and number to look through. I'm still just scratching the surface." Tim intends to upload some Graham portions of his family tree database to the FamilyTreeDNA website to aid other DNA testers is making family connections.