Records of the U.S. Circuit Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Petitions for Naturalization, Nos. 1067-1099

About this record set

The photographs were taken on June 18th, 2012 at the National Archives and Records Administration, Mid-Atlantic Region (now known the National Archives at Philadelphia). As of that date, the petitions included here had not been microfilmed, and therefore were not digitized for inclusion on

These records should appear in the collection, Pennsylvania, U.S., Federal Naturalization Records, 1795-1931. Under Browse this collection, find Circuit Court from the Courts drop down menu. In the list that appears below, find the roll, (Roll 005) Petition Numbers 782-1099. With a subscription to Ancestry, one should be able to see the petitions beginning at No. 782, but the roll ends abruptly at frame 828, after the conclusion of petition No. 1066 for Charles Haffner. The next roll in the series, (Roll 006) Petition Numbers 1100-1639, picks up at petition No. 1100 for Edward Adams, having skipped over the petition Nos. 1067-1099.

The physical microfilm roll #5 was available to view at the Archives. It appeared there just as it does on, ending abruptly at petition No. 1066, and omitting petition Nos. 1067-1099. The attendants at the Archives could not explain the omission, but were able to pull the original documents, which I photographed using a Samsung CL65 compact camera. Microfilming of the records was performed by The Genealogical Society of Utah, on or about August 3, 1987.

The documents were separated into three manila envelopes numbered as follows:

Petitions 1067-1079

Petition No.NameCountry of NativityDate of DeclarationDate of PetitionView PDF
1067Edward FinselGermanyAug. 11, 1887Sept. 12, 1890Click to download.
1068Joseph WolfrommBavariaJun. 25, 1888Sept. 12, 1890PDF Download
1069Jacob P. PetersonDenmarkSept. 5, 1887Sept. 12, 1890PDF Download
1070James Henry HinchliffeEnglandOct. 3, 1885Sept. 12, 1890PDF Download
1071Thomas CarrIrelandMay 1, 1884Sept. 12, 1890PDF Download
1072Patrick CorrIrelandApr. 11, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1073Louis LautmanAustriaFeb. 16, 1887Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1074Louis EickeGermanyNov. 12, 1887Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1075George CoberGermanyFeb. 6, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1076Hugh McKayIrelandSept. 14, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1077Edward BradyIrelandSept. 14, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1078William DiddenGermanyJul. 2, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1079Hugh BeattieIreland---------------Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download

Petitions 1080-1090

Petition No.NameCountry of NativityDate of DeclarationDate of PetitionView PDF
1080David E. WalshIrelandSept. 24, 1887Sept. 16, 1890Click to download.
1081Charles Henry SharpEnglandJan. 27, 1887Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1082Gottleib ScheihingGermanySept. 10, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1083Joseph AtkinsEnglandSept. 8, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1084Morris J. CohenRussiaOct. 30, 1885Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1085Felix G. FroererGermanySept. 18, 1880Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1086George CutterEnglandAug. 29, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1087Adam KillinIrelandOct. 8, 1887Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1088Ferdinand LustigAustriaJun. 25, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1089Richard ZeckwerGermanyAug. 23, 1887Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1090Thomas ClarkeIrelandSept. 3, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download

Petitions 1091-1099

Petition No.NameCountry of NativityDate of DeclarationDate of PetitionView PDF
1091Thomas J. GavaghanIreland----------------Sept. 16, 1890Click to download.
1092Martin F. JenningsIrelandJul. 18, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1093Venzl KosakAustriaSept. 7, 1888Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1094William MorrisIrelandMar. 23, 1887Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1095Michael McCarthyIrelandJun. 29, 1887Sept. 16, 1890PDF Download
1096Robert HaysIrelandAug. 29, 1888Sept. 19, 1890PDF Download
1097Andreas GreissGermanySept. 10, 1888Sept. 19, 1890PDF Download
1098John KeysIreland----------------Sept. 19, 1890PDF Download
1099William H. SmithEnglandOct. 2, 1886Sept. 19, 1890PDF Download