Fred Maurer, 86

By tim, 1 January, 2023
Fred Maurer,

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (GBT) — I'd like to note here the passing of Frederick W. Maurer, which occurred on the 12th of last July, 2022. Fred was an occasional contributor to the First Friday Genealogy Group that I've been attending to the best of my ability since about 2008, and he was a regular contributor to the Northeast Philadelphia History Network (NEPHN), which meets on the first Wednesday evening of most months at the Pennepack Baptist Church on Krewstown Road. I last saw Fred at the NEPHN's June meeting, which took place at the Ryerss Museum and Library in Fox Chase.

I always looked forward to conversations with Fred over the refreshments that follow each regular NEPHN meeting. He was always up to something. I will remember him most for the work he did to document lost cemeteries in the Northeast Philadelphia area, notably John Hart's Burial Yard in Crestmont Farms and the African American Burial Ground at Benjamin Rush State Park.

Fred was laid to rest at Oakland Cemetery, near Adams Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard, on the 18th of July, 2022. His full obituary has been published at