Se. 4, Ep. 1: Контакт! or Occurrence at Cinder Bridge

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By tim, 31 January, 2024
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I make first contact with the State Archives of Mykolaiv in Ukraine, in search of documents pertaining to my Anflick ancestors. The archive has apparently accepted my request and I am currently awaiting the result. Work continued on transcribing the descendants of Peter Mumma from to my own web site. We learn of the untimely demise of Herbert L. Mumma in 1905 in a manner I thought happened only in action movies and cartoons. Lastly, I shout out a pair of my podcast inspirations, Scott Fisher and Lisa Louise Cooke. Scott Fisher has recently retired from his long-running radio program Extreme Genes, and Lisa Louise Cooke has recently returned from a six-month hiatus from her podcast, Genealogy Gems. Links, as always, are in the show notes.


Genealogy By Tim G.: Show Notes, Peter Mumma (1721–1785)
Routes to Roots Foundation: Surname Database
State Archives of Mykolaiv Oblast: Home page Peter Mumma (1721-1785); Johannes Mumma (1763-1829); Second Fatality at Cinder Bridge, The Star-Independent, 2 August 1905
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