Se. 4, Ep. 3: Spotlight on Harriet Pollag, Expatriate by Marriage

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By tim, 30 March, 2024
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After a few brief updates on some old business, I spotlight the life of Harriet Harrison Pollag, aunt of William Pickersgill "Pud" Harrison, III. She was born on March 12, 1878 and died before her time eighty years ago today, on March 30th, 1944. Harriet was born a twin, beloved by friends and family, became a single mother at the age of 31, and an expatriate at 36 when she married Hermann Pollag, an alien and German national. Harriet seems to have attempted repatriation following the death of her husband in 1927, and the outcome of this apparent attempt remains to be discovered. Harriet's story ended suddenly on rain-slicked streets of center city Philadelphia, but her memory lives on in the photos and accounts of people who knew her.


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