Se. 3, Ep. 12: Christmas Greetings from 1964

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By tim, 31 December, 2023
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Work continues on transcribing the descendants of Johannes Mumma (1763-1829), the first born son of my immigrant ancestor, Peter Mumma (1721–1785). Efforts this month focused on the family of Johannes's grandson, John Mumma (1827-1907). John had 13 children, so my work is cut out for me!

Google will be closing its Podcasts app in April of 2024. Migration efforts are under way to ensure that Genealogy By Tim G. will be searchable under its replacement, the podcasts section of YouTube Music.

Lastly, a Christmas Greetings from 1964! I dig into the vault once again to discover what my father, Greg, my uncle Joe, and their cousin Mark want Santa to bring them for Christmas, among other happenings in the lives of first graders. Recorded by my grandfather, Joseph A. Graham, on December 12, 1964 on a Revere T-1100 reel-to-reel tape recorder. Links are in the show notes.


Genealogy By Tim G.: Show Notes, Johannes Mumma (1763-1829), John Mumma (1827-1907), Peter Mumma (1721–1785)
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